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Hey kiddos. I know I don't post here as often as I used to (that'll change soon, promise!), but part of the reason is because I've been super-focused on producing new pages of my weekly webcomic, The Utopian Foundation, and also prepping hard for my return to Artist Alley (table MM13) at this year's Emerald City Comic Con, which is *gasp* less than a week away!

I'm bringing new books, including print collections of The Utopian Foundation and Sequential Madness, new art prints (including greatest hits found in my DA gallery), new buttons, and probably a new haircut. Plus, I'll have all of my in-print back catalog, including the first volume of The Utopian, the first chapter of Eastsiders, the Omega Comics Presents collection, and a bunch of other stuff.

PLUS: I'll do commissions, if anyone wants 'em. I'm thinking about loading up on sketch cards, too, because those are always fun.

If you're going to ECCC, please stop by and say hi and grab a free Utopian Foundation pin. It'll be good times.
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I am a bad Deviant. I haven't checked in for a while, I didn't post an update about Denver Comic Con, and I haven't posted my sketches from the latter, either. Ah well, maybe after this weekend, I will ... that's when I'll be at the first-ever Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, happening at the South Point Hotel & Casino from June 14-16. I'll be holding it down at Artist Alley table 112 with a whole bunch of books, comics, maybe some prints, original art, and if I get my act together by tomorrow, a special ashcan available only at that show.

So if you're going, come by and say WHAZZZAAAP. And if you're exhibiting/a guest, let me know so I can do the same.

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I found out kinda late (for me), but just in time (for you) that I'll be exhibiting at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle next weekend (March 1-3). I'll be holed up at Artist Alley table J-09. If you're going (or know someone who is), please tell them to stop by and we'll do the secret handshake. And yes, I will probably try to sell you on my comics. But I'm a soft-sell, don't worry.
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If you live in Southern California and you love comic books or pop culture, there's a good chance you'll already be attending Wondercon, which is taking over the Anaheim Convention Center from March 16 to 18. But if you really need added incentive, then why don't you come see ME, because I'll be holding down a lil' table (AA-121) in Artist Alley the entire weekend. And I'm bringing some special, Wondercon-exclusive stuff with me.

Normally, this annual convention is held in San Francisco, as it was last time I attended (just as a pro, not as an exhibitor) in 2009. But its home, Moscone Center, is undergoing renovations, so the Comic-Con folks temporarily relocated the event to Anaheim for this year. This had a lot of people up north grumbling (and indirectly led Image Comics to host its own convention in the Bay Area instead), but on the flip side, for those of us closer to SoCal, it worked out better (or at least cheaper for travel). So … I'll be there.

In addition to bringing the usual selection of comics and trades from Pop! Goes the Icon, I'll probably also have available original artwork and a selection of limited-edition prints from my new mash-up collection. But most importantly? I'm offering EXCLUSIVELY AT WONDER-CON a special ashcan comic featuring a preview of the forthcoming sequel to "The Utopian," "Foundation."

There are only 50 copies being printed and the only place to get them will be at my table at Wondercon. The comic debuts online April 15, but those lucky (unlucky?) 50 people get to read the first 10 strips a month in advance if they pick up this sucker.

So there you go. Come on down, see some movie and comic stars, wear a silly costume, and hang out with me (and buy stuff). It'll be a good time.
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If you're in Las Vegas, head's up! I expect to see you at Alternate Reality Comics (4110 S. Maryland Parkway #8) this Saturday, Feb. 25, from noon to 3 p.m., because I'm assembling the crew behind Tales from Fremont Street for a special signing and art exhibition kick-off, and to boot, we're going to ask for donations to one of our favorite charities, the SafeNest shelter for abused women and children.

Joining me at the signing table will be cover artist Jska Priebe, interior contributors Deryl Skelton, Ed Hawkins and F Andrew Taylor, and my collaborator in the book, Warren Wucinich. We'll have copies of both Tales from Fremont Street and Tales from the Boneyard, whose proceeds benefit the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival. As well, we're kicking off the month-long exhibition of selected original art from Fremont Street, which will be showing inside Alternate Reality's "Artist Spotlight" space (following its debut at the Barrick Museum last fall).

In addition, we're asking guests to bring donations for SafeNest, based on their current Wish List. Alternate Reality owner Ralph Mathieu will also be donating a portion of the day's back issue sales and proceeds from raffle tickets sold to the shelter.

Need more incentive beyond great comics, awesome people, raffle prizes, amazing art and worthy causes? How about free refreshments? OK, done! Now you have no excuses. Hope to see you there with donations in hand when you walk in, and comics when you walk out.
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I know it's been a long time since I last posted any new art on here. My life seems to go in cycles. I'll write heavily for a month or two, then flip to focusing on drawing for a few weeks, then bounce to making music. It just kind of depends on what gigs come up, and where the calendar is.

The last two months were spent helping organize, promote and execute the annual Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival (notice I was too busy to even promote it HERE? GEEZ.) ... at the same time I was doing the same for my band As Yet Unbroken's CD release. So just about everything else fell to the back burner, especially and including non-commission illustration work.

I have started work again on some mash-ups, the first of which I hope to post by Friday. But I also have to get some things squared away to get 2012 lined up for me, artistically and professionally, so it might still be quiet around here through the end of 2011.

But as always, I'm open to requests and commissions at pjperezvegas AT gmail DOT com. Or just love letters.

Happy Holidays.
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The industry and fan masses are already gathering in San Diego for this year's Geek Prom, and the first night isn't even until tomorrow!

I'll be in San Diego this weekend, but ostensibly not just for the con. I'm checking out Soundgarden in L.A. on Friday night, so I will likely only be around SDCC on Saturday. That said, I would love to meet up with any of my internet peeps who will be there, so:

1. If you have a table/booth there, reply to this and let me know where to stop by, I'll add it to my list.
2. If you're just kicking it, hit me up on Twitter (pjperez) and we can try to meet up.

I will have a few copies of my comics and a sketchbook. FYI. F Y I BITCHES.
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Oops, looks like I forgot to post about my Phoenix Comicon appearance. Whoops. Well, if you're interested, I did a bunch of sketches and commissions, and I'll be posting them in this gallery:…

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Quickly! I'll be doing sketches/signing stuff at MaximuM Comics in Henderson, NV this Saturday, May 7 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.-ish. It's Free Comic Book Day, of course, so there'll be ... free comics. Duh. If you live in the area, stop by!
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Hi ho. Just wanted to share news of where I'll be appearing this spring to sell you comics, sign stuff, schmooze and do sketches or whatever:

Stumptown Comics Festival, Portland, Ore., April 16 & 17
I'll be kicking it at an exhibitor table with lots of comics and JTBivens at varying times. If anyone is going and wants commissions or whatever, please e-mail me at

Phoenix Comicon, Phoenix, Ariz., May 27-29
I'll be in Artist Alley with my fellow Las Vegan F. Andrew Taylor selling comics and doing magic tricks. Again, if anyone is going and wants commissions or whatever, please e-mail me at

I also just submitted a hotel reservation for San Diego Comic-Con International, so I'll probably be hanging around there in July, but won't be tabling or anything like that. Hope to see you at one of these shows!
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I have to apologize for the lack of updates to all 2-1/2 of you who are watching. This fall/winter has been full of a lot of comic releases for me, so I've been busy doing signings/conventions/events/etc., and now it's the holidays, and hopefully things will settle down a bit after that and I can get back on track, art-wise.

However, I'm going to be doing less comic art and more only writing in 2011, or at least that's the plan, as I've been really inspired lately and on an insane streak that has me developing about 2 or 3 comic series all at the same time, while also writing a screenplay, a novel and a TV pitch.

BUT. I still have at least one more comic story to draw, another I'm working on with another writer, and a whole series of fine art pieces planned, so stay tuned.

Oh, and if you're curious/interested, the trade paperback collection of my webcomic The Utopian came out last week. You can order a signed copy from me at a 25% discount at if you like reading stuff.
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I'll be in artist alley at Long Beach Comic Con this weekend (Oct. 29 - 31). Table number is 2104. I'll have all of the comics I've done over the last few years, plus prints of the most popular stuff you've seen here, including "The Best at What He Does," "Giant Robot," and the new "Knittin' Cajun."

If you'll be there, please stop by and say "hi." If anyone wants sketch commissions, I'll be happy to take requests in advance.

For anyone who's been looking for new art from me on here ... there should be some coming soon, but I've been so busy with projects, I've had little time to do much else. I really wanted the Daily Sketch Challenge thing to encourage me to post a doodle each day, but I haven't even had time for that.

Part of this is because I've been writing and editing more the last few weeks, and not doing as much art. I recently finished two different anthology stories, so the only ongoing comic art I'm doing is finishing the weekly "Utopian" webcomic pages (, and I only sit down for that about once a week.

But I'm going to be working on a submission for a group art show, and I have a really fun piece I think you'll dig that I'll be posting soon ... plus creating some materials for upcoming comic cons, so soon there will be more DA magic for you to enjoy.

I hope. :)
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I recently finished an eight-page story for an anthology comic (which I'm also editing) called "Tales from the Boneyard," which is being presented online before debuting in print this November to benefit the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival.

The story, "No Place Like Home," can be read at:…

If you like what you see, please consider pre-ordering the print version from that same website. All proceeds benefit the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District, which produces the free Comic Book Festival every year.

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So my DA peeps may not be aware, but I'm primarily a writer, mostly drawing out of necessity and just because, well, I can. But lately, people have been saying awfully nice things about my art, and I guess that means people like it kinda? I dunno.

I'm wondering, therefore, if people might be interested in me doing commissions for them. So, um, speak up, I guess. Would you pay ME to draw some stuff for you? YOU MAY.

That's all. Back to the grind.
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OK, so if you live in Las Vegas, I'll be manning a table during First Friday this week (May 7) from 6 to 10 p.m. in front of the Funk House (Casino Center and Colorado). I'll have prints from a lot of the stuff I post here, as well as comics and postcards and etc etc etc. Come say hi and buy some junk.

In other news, some possible booth space at Phoenix ComiCon just opened up ... it's at the end of the month, and only about a five-hour drive away. Anyone have any thoughts on the convention? They get about 7,000 people over three days, wondering if it's worth it.
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So I think I just signed up to have a display table in May at the monthly art festival held here in Vegas called First Friday.

I guess I need to make some art now. Um ...

The plan was to sell comics there. Because people suggested it. They were like, "hey, you should have a table at First Friday!" And I said, "OK!" But I told the curator I'd have sketches and prints. So I guess now I have to make sketches and prints.

Damn it.
... and I have so much catching up to do. But I did some OK sketches while I was there, though stupidly I forgot to photograph the ones I gave away. I'll post a few of them here, and if anyone is interested in, ya know, buying them or whatever, I might make that a possibility.

But ECCC was fun, even if it was somewhat discouraging sales-wise. We moved only about $75 worth of comics in the two days of the convention. But I met and reconnected with a lot of cool people, hung out with the supremely talented Jason Copland all weekend, picked up some great indy comics, and of course, got to spend four days in one of my favorite U.S. cities, so I can't complain.